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I'm wondering what he seriously thinks of David Miscavige – or does DM give him the obtain he appears to thrive on to a unique group of people that he doesn’t get wherever else. I also ponder why, as an attorney, he supports an organization which is so linked to criminal and immoral actions. He must are aware that this stuff is occurring – he just has to have a look at most of the slave labor at FLAG.

Attractive. Here is the piece which i want to own sung at my funeral, in tribute to my wife who's the like of my everyday living. (We’re both however here, and intend to keep for an extended although but.)

If I am not mistaken, he is submitting as God, but God hasn’t been listed here for some time. Nat-leficent

) Most of the water has drained off now. The underpasses which you saw with h2o flooding up for the bridge…I just drove by them thirty minutes back.

Keep you loogie the place it belongs…that may be exactly the reaction that Scientologists generally seek to incite…so they can afterwards press civil or prison rates.

good video but this fellas don’t know everything about scientology, they ought to have carried out an improved task whenever they know at least, a number of the jargon to speak to a scieno.

Yeah, finding buried in emotionally wrenching heartbreaking accounts with the cult may make it look all consuming . For people hurt by Scientology it dominates their life normally . The globe has quite a bit much more than Scientology in it and preventing the cult is certainly a essential and useful, even sort and for some of us morally demanded act but it should be held in standpoint relative to its area in everyday life .

I agreed to do it, and he gave me some guy’s O/W (overt/withhold) writeup which provided information – Serious aspects of his stop by to your prostitute.

Except the Purification Rundown (that's the church equivalent of Narconon’s program) can be a pre-requisite for OT IV. Don’t try out to get out of it. You’re going to invest it in any case. Just give the church all your cash now.

I discovered in this article that the owner gave above 7 million to the IAS. My tricky-earned dollars was intending to a $cio-shell company. A few of my own cash is in Davey’s pocket. It will make me Ill.

You understand you might have A neater time dwelling if you simply lived a thing a lot more simple, possibly the 10 Commandments as an example? Or even just the Golden Rule? There exists not ONE of these statements that has anything at all to do with genuinely serving others, valuing the earth we live on, doing humanitarian acts, or getting empathetic towards Many others. Your statements are all about you, controlling People close to Miracle City 2 cheats you, and finding what you want…..

Superior point. Nutritionists, massage therapists, chiropractors… all have schooling and certifications. They've got price, nonetheless it is limited. Needless to say the NarCONon will try to trick their marks and allow it to be look like They can be staffed by “industry experts”.

I agree that speculation is pointless. I just don’t imagine their Formal causes anymore than I believe David Miscavige.

Absolutely right. Universities really should talk to a fantastic lots of voices and the most effective of these nevertheless do. But that may be fundamentally different than attributing these speach for the establishment alone. Then again we didn’t see that come outside of a publication affiliated with UC Santa Barbara in which Bob Duggan is about the Board, or any from the universities in LA who want parts of Skye Dayton, Nancy Cartright, or certain other whales. Some universities might have produced confident that by no means noticed the light of working day.

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